The mind is the single most significant engine that operates all the elements responsible for establishing optimal performance within the human body. Mind Gym is the program that facilitates, expands and challenges this engine into its full potential through focused exercises and measures that push the horizon of neuroplasticity to new depths. The program is based on quarterly commitments and measurements which follow growth through step by step exercises facilitated through the most advanced and recognized science based technologies.

Phase 1

Understanding THE SELF
Assessment followed by a
personalized program,
introduction to technologies
targeted to you, scheduled
weekly sessions that aim to
establish goals, and completion
of final assessment in alignment
with original goals

Phase 2

Assessment followed by a
personalized program in
alignment with goals that inspire
growth on a cognitive level,
scheduled weekly sessions, and
assessment in determination of
performance enhancement

Phase 3

Assessment followed by goals
which address pushing the limits
on comfort within your individual
brain function and performance,
scheduled weekly sessions, and
assessment reflecting results.

Phase 4

Assessment followed by goals
that address all cognitive and
performance challenges,
scheduled weekly sessions, and
assessment reflecting

Mind Gym operates on a quarterly program reflective of the individuals progress and commitment to achieving optimal performance.

Mind Gym Solutions

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Mind Gym is a program addressing the key mental skills for optimal performance in any arena. It includes an evaluation of the current skill, a customized training program based on the evaluation results, and a continuing progress report of each mental skill. The goal is to Better Your Best performance by enhancing your strengths and developing your secondary skills. View Our Technologies here.

In striving to provide the highest quality of advancement in neural training – we have established and partnered with the worlds most recognized technologies in pushing the boundaries of cognitive development. Further to this Mind Gym is always striving to learn and continue in establishing new partnerships in ensuring the very best for our clients.  Important to mention that some of our technologies require a registered practitioner to operate – therefore when scheduling your time with Mind Gym you are always guided through your experience by a professional.  Learn more

In order to ensure that Mind Gym is properly utilized the program has been broken down into phases.   The price for each phase may differ depending on region and country.  Please complete the inquiry section and a practitioner will be in touch with further information – Click Here

Mind Gym is very selective on where it will be grounding roots.  Aspiring to be the lead in NeuroTechnology as it applies to performance, we are looking to partner with organizations that share our values on performance.  Complete the forms and a team member will be contact you.  Click Here

We offer certification and training to larger organizations such as Colleges and Universities that may require more than a practitioner to oversee the project.  If you are interested in learning more about qualifying please complete the information on ‘Get Your Own Mind Gym’ – Click Here

The minimum time dedication to successfully training with Mind Gym is one hour per week for each Phase.  That is a total of 12 sessions per Phase.  Each Phase is tackled with goals assembled through your assessment results – and re-assessed at the end of the Phase.  At this point the journey ahead is discussed and understood as we move on to the next Phase.  To get started Click Here.