The most widely validated cognitive
technology trusted by the worlds
most elite athletes, military, &
health professionals to increase
brain performance, and enhance the
efficiency of neural networks that
govern major brain functions such as
working memory, attention,
executive function, and processing

The worldwide leader with the most
extensive product line up in EMDR
therapy – the emotional resilience &
programming application uses light ,
sound and vibrational therapy to
reduce the emotional response to
thoughts and past events.

Opti Brain is a performance
optimization solution specializing in
brain training that helps you reach
your optimum performing potential
through NeuroFeedback Training

A virtual reality system used to train
performance skills by imitating real
environments. The current games
played on the device train coping
skills (conquering fears & remaining
in charge), decision making, reaction
time, visual tracking and focus.

Pulsed magnetic energy waves are
sent into your body’s natural
magnetic field to speed recovery and
improve well-being. The magnetic
fields work in conjunction with your
body’s own recovery processes to
restore optimal function and increase

Muse is a brain-sensing headband
that uses real-time biofeedback to
help refocus, guide Meditation,
enhance Sleep, Performance,
decrease Stress

Designed to train the body and the
brain, improving reaction time,
mental accuracy, sensory processing,
and other neurocognitive attributes.
By training the connection with what
your eyes see, and brain processes,
RLT technologies is designed to
improve all elements of Human

A science-based heart focused
meditation that can help you in
quickly staying in charge of managing
from feelings of stressed to feeling

VR training tool to improve the mental and cognitive skills of those trying to reach peak performance.